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June 3, 2014

i’ve been stung by a star seed honey
he shone love like a lightning honey




adios ’13

December 10, 2013

the national – demons

young galaxy – pretty boy

volcano choir – bygone

atoms for peace – ingenue

ellery james roberts – kerou’s lament

yeah yeah yeahs – wedding song

wet – u da best/don’t wanna be your girl

cocorosie/antony hegarty – tears for animals

novo amor – from gold

m.i.a. – lights

stay bless – always

phosphorescent – song for zula

blood orange – chamakay

September 3, 2013

Imagesmudge stick takeout

August 30, 2013

DSC_0732crackn time


May 17, 2013

it still works! mamiya rb67..lethal anvil of a camera. smile. mmm no, smolder. snap!


taken by trees – only you

May 9, 2013

here some fruiting gooseberries, there a honey-scented jackfruit. had the earth’s core chosen differently, launched its lava some distance to the east (closer to its stately brethren), the big island could now be a golf course. instead it swims in cerulean drip, part earthly green part astral ore. some come to mend the fragments of life, others to escape them. plants grow. waves crash. the sun mostly shimmers and it’s enough.








March 9, 2013

up in the woods, through moss and snow and clouds you hit a sweet spot, a justright cranny where the hum of cars and rapids and whatever else was buzzing through the air just drops, like that, and it’s you, some leaves, and maybe¬† – with some luck – a break in the dancing clouds, a glance at the work of hours, step after step that brought you to this sweet sweet sight.

tried some jamming. my girls.