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February 22, 2013

remember the day
i let myself open to you

del water gap – a clear mind, a better time


February 9, 2013

saturday pumpup anthem

January 21, 2013

way intriguing.

January 12, 2013

kinda late, but wtf

oh twelve

January 4, 2013

Frank Ocean – Thinkin ‘Bout You
smooth and strong, smooth and strong

Tanlines – Brothers
of all the shows to miss, this was the bummer. next time.

Grimes – Genesis
what’s she saying? it’s about, uh, love? drown in the melody.

Solange – Losing You
sparkly solange does sparkly things

Lykke Li – Silver Springs
summerlong repeat. forget, forget, forgotten..mostly

Hot Chip – Let Me Be Him
blippy sugar yums

Antony and the Johnsons – Cut the World
doing the refulgent uber pretty thing

How to Dress Well – Running Back
pours his soul on stage, leaves you to soak up mess after

Fiona Apple – Valentine
sends thorns through your veins and you love it

December 28, 2012

like an iron press over wrinkles of the soul

December 18, 2012

“When I find myself sitting at dinner next to someone who knows just as much about novels as I do but has somehow also found the mental space to adore and be knowledgeable about the opera, have strong opinions about the relative rankings of Renaissance painters, an encyclopaedic knowledge of the English civil war, or French wines – I feel an anxiety that nudges beyond the envious into the existential. How did she find the time?”

Me too, Zadie.
Maybe it’s time to put down the New Yorker. The other day I read a profile on Lena Dunham’s mother Laurie Simmons, who’s built an expansive career on the concept of photographing dollhouse interiors. Immediately my thought was I could do that. And then okay I’ll load some film into the old medium format. But of course I can’t, and I haven’t.